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Advanced Industry Education Closer to Home

Expanding your education and pursuing your passion is closer than you might think!  Explore the unlimited, creative, exciting and lucrative field of makeup artistry close to home in downtown Abilene or Sweetwater, Tx.   At Architect Beauty Education we offer small classes with expansive concepts. Why a smaller setting…because your future should be about, well…you! Our Master Certified Educators bring their own unique industry experiences to help you build your blueprint for success.  Limited Elite Mentorships also available.

Certificate Level Courses

Looking to advance your knowledge and skill set in the beauty industry with makeup artistry? 
Step into the education that can lead to unlimited possibilities for your professional future.

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Not just for beginners!  Starting at the drawing board you will learn foundational components, fundamental skills, techniques and knowledge that will prove invaluable as you progress in your artistry.  Cornerstone principles of: 

  • Color choice

  • Lighting

  • Facial structures

  • Product selection

  • Mixology

  • Appropriate tools

  • and HOW they set you apart as an artist!


Build your skill and explore the lucrative opportunities of luxury bridal makeup. Be able to charge your worth with confidence as you demonstrate the ability to make your bride’s day stress free and beautiful.


  • Flawless face (Customized, intentional beauty)

  • Bridal party (makeup for all ages)

  • Groom the Groom

  • Layering for longevity

  • Kit customization that saves the day

  • Building a successful bridal business


Looking to further your skill set and blend your artistry with technology? Make your entrance with: 

  • Multi media beauty makeup (skin work, quick transitioning and flawless detailing)

  • High-Def advancements and lighting

  • Media specific hair artistry/styling

  • Male model makeup

  • Your role in the bigger picture as a team/ crew member

  • Business acumen (portfolio, genre makeup, character boards and continuity on set)


The understanding of how different lighting effects makeup and your end product is paramount in a professional setting.  Advanced training to include:


  • Black and white photography

  • Kelvin temperature

  • Client ready closeups

  • Camera and equipment

  • Set etiquette

  • Broadened career opportunities


Elevate your makeup skills and be in demand for red carpet ready bookings.


  • Evening, smokey eye and special occasion application

  • Precision detailing (brows, lashes, liner)

  • Structural shape shifting

  • Facial feature balance

  • Increased revenue thru speed & accuracy

  • What you REALLY need in your kit


Ready to stand among the elite?  Elevate your skills with this high-level, creative and exciting mastery course.  *Due to the advanced nature of this course, one must have taken our Fundamentals course before enrollment.


  • Corrective concepts

  • Light FX

  • Avant Garde

  • Tattoo cover up

  • Waterproofing

  • Unlocking your untapped potential

"You can do what I cannot do. I can do what you cannot do. Together we can do great things." 

-Mother Teresa

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